Scope of Functions

Create and manage projects

  • Create new projects
  • Copy existing projects
  • Open projects from a selection list
  • Delete existing projects


  • The toolbar on the left side is expanded by clicking on the corresponding icon
  • “Projects” opens the start screen
  • “Modeling” opens the overview screen
  • “Evaluation” displays the modeling results (if any)
  • “Project Options” opens the settings
  • “Alternatives” shows created and alternative modeling. From here the calculations can be started or the modeling can be deleted

Project Settings

  • Products of the value stream are created or managed centrally
  • New product names can be added via the “New” button
  • Existing names can be deleted
  • Creation of shift plans
  • Defining the simulation duration


By drag & drop items from the value stream library can be placed in the model.

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