SimVSM - the value stream app
Digitise your value streams

SimVSM - the value stream app

Digitise your value streams

SimVSM – The app for value stream analysis & simulation

Value Stream Analysis

Value stream mapping is a business method for improving process management in production and services.

Scope of functions

Get to know the functions and features of the SimVSM app developed by SimPlan.


Due to the flexible structure of SimVSM, we can adapt the app to your requirements.


SimVSM can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple, Microsoft and Android stores. In-app purchases with extensions are possible.

With SimVSM, capture your value stream via drag & drop on a mobile device or in a desktop application, quickly and easily create alternative modeling variants, and analyze your digitized value stream with static KPIs already during modeling.

Simulate your value stream with SimVSM Pro to determine the influence of dynamic parameters such as random and disturbance variables to shed more light on the system state over time (compared to aggregated average values).

Get to know SimVSM better

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More Information

SimVSM from App Stores

(Standalone version for documentation and static analysis)

Free SimVSM App

A variety of functions already facilitate modeling, documenting and versioning of value streams in the free SimVSM app:

  • Digital and visually appealing modeling with value stream and note objects.
  • Selection of different value stream object symbols for a more function-specific documentation of system components in value streams
  • Consideration of weekly shift schedules
  • Calculation of a variety of static value stream metrics
  • Classification and visualization of value-adding and non-value-adding process steps
  • Dynamic visualization and calculation of throughput times and flow rate
  • Copying and creation of multiple value stream alternatives in one project (max. 2; for extensions see also “Expert” add-on)
  • Plausibility checks during modeling
  • Different view modes for more compact representation of parameters
  • Additional modeling functions for the extended documentation of information and data flows in the value stream, e.g., for the identification of structural breaks, unused potentials, or data waste (Value Stream 4.0)

In Downloads you will find the links to the app stores.

For an extended range of functions, the following in-app purchases / subscriptions are currently available in the app stores:

Expert Add-On

  • One-time activation for unlimited number of projects and alternatives

Premium subscription

  • Print value streams
  • Save value streams as image (*.png) or vector graphic (*.svg)
  • Record and store camera images of individual value stream objects
  • Mini overview map for large value streams
  • Execute and store measurement series with integrated stopwatch functionality
  • Export and import of projects
  • Customize the display of edges and text objects

Value stream 4.0 subscription

  • Save all changes in the information flow dialog (value stream 4.0)

We would be happy to advise you on the use of SimVSM for your area of application.

SimVSM Pro

(Server connection for dynamic simulation, central user and project management)

For the dynamic evaluation of your value streams and for the integration of SimVSM into your IT landscape we offer “SimVSM Pro”. This variant includes desktop applications as well as components for an enterprise cloud for digitized value streams:

  • By connecting to a value stream simulator, you also get a dynamic evaluation of the modeled value stream.

This includes the development of on-time delivery, process utilization, bottleneck analysis, throughputs, warehouse levels and throughput times against the background of dynamic framework conditions over time.

  • Project management allows projects to be stored centrally and exchanged with approved users.
  • Scalable license models available

If you are interested in coupling with the value stream simulator or in a central project management to exchange your value streams with colleagues, please contact with the keyword “SimVSM Pro”.


If you also have customizing needs regarding the use of your own value stream objects, logos or symbols, we also offer a variety of different options. Please feel free to contact us for this as well.

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