Value Stream Mapping

Improving Process Control in Production and Service

Value Stream Mapping

Improving Process Control in Production and Service

Value stream mapping – process improvement

Value stream mapping (VSM) is a business management method for improving process control in production and service. It is also called value stream recording of an actual state.

This first process step of the so-called value stream management provides a model of the material and information flows of the individual value streams.

The analysis identifies non-value-added processes. In the design approach below, an improved value stream is designed as part of a value stream design that eliminates non-value-added activities and unnecessary downtime. The comparable approach in service management does not minimize the waiting times, but the individual waiting times between the tasks.


Value stream analysis overview

This method provides initial key figures for a manufacturing process and leads to:

  • Waiting times
  • Stocks
  • Wrong plan specifications, e.g. processing times
  • Problems with process or product quality or delivery
  • Missing information or data

Why simulation?

An analysis of dynamic interactions does not provide the value stream analysis. For example, it is not possible to investigate the influence of a buffer size between two production steps, especially if set-up times or different product variants play a role in the process.

This is where the simulation comes into play. With the help of the simulation model, process parameters can be changed and their influence on the process key figures can be determined.

With the help of the app SimVSM you do not need any knowledge about the simulation. You create your value stream based on the known systematics and transfer the model from the app via web service to your simulation server. Usually you get the results from the simulation back to your mobile device after a few seconds. The evaluation is based on meaningful key figures and diagrams.

Read more about the functionality of SimVSM.

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